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The best is just good enough, for today the foundation for your future is laid.

Supply Chain. Professional planning and flawless implementation. We take care of it for you. Contact us and we will work out a future-proof strategy for you and ensure a smooth implementation.

Comprehensive optimization. You save time, money and resources.

We have years of experience in

  • Process planning, material flow planning, analysis, and optimization.
  • Structure planning: Planning of factory layouts and specifics based on the material flow analysis.
  • Resource scheduling: Development and planning of production equipment.
  • Optimization of logistics processes: Situation analysis and development as well as the implementation of optimization measures.
  • Identifying optimal filling levels of containers and designing load carrier concepts.
  • Planning of target times for process steps.
  • Determining and implementing optimal supply strategies: Just in sequence, just-in-time manufacturing,
    Standard storage processes, etc.
  • Design of logistics infrastructure: Surface, road and path networks, routes, and materials handling equipment including capacity calculations.
  • Optimization of factory layout and use of space.
  • Parameterization of standard logistics plans with optimized logistics stations.
  • Estimating and optimizing logistics costs.
  • Material investment planning.
  • Product modification in order to improve logistics and production.