Heckner Group


Resource scheduling

Without resources, the whole supply chain comes to a halt. Your goods should reach your customers not only on time and in flawless condition but also true to your brand.

We have years of experience with developing and making logistics resources. We provide innovative and creative technical solutions. We work out a customized resource scheduling concept for every situation. We are committed to finding your solution. We find the perfect consensus between technical requirements and cost-efficient execution.

Packaging is not only a container for transport. Packaging is more than a means to protect your goods. Packaging helps building a brand's image. Packaging is advertising space. Packaging represents your company, even before the customer has your product in his hands.

We plan for you:

  • Standard packaging
  • Custom reusable packaging
  • Sequence containers
  • Single-use packaging
  • CarSet containers
  • Modular containers
  • and much more

We cover the whole spectrum of materials:

  • Steel containers
  • Containers made from twin-wall sheets or Triplex structured-core panels
  • Textile dividers
  • EPP foam containers

No matter what you have to package, your valuable goods are in good hands.

Means of transport and tugger trains

Large warehouses are uneconomical. Optimizing the flow of goods is more cost-effective. To always supply the required components at the time they are needed and at the correct location. To make sure that the goods reach their destination at the right time.

We plan all the different means of transport and tugger trains for you. We offer standard transportation as well as solutions customized to your specific requirements.


Your process cycle has weaknesses? Your equipment or resources need to be reviewed? No problem. We review and optimize your process cycle and your resource and transportation scheduling. Robust processes that offer maximum performance prepare your company for future endeavors. We take care of it.

We review and optimize:

  • Internal and external logistics processes
  • Structures and facilities
  • Supply concepts
  • Interfaces
  • Container concepts
  • Documentation
  • Logistics costs

To improve quality and efficiency, and to lower costs.